The Great Canadian Political PowerShift

We the People should have had “final decision” making authority above Government since 1931 and 1982 – That’s democracy!

+ 10000000
Canadian Citizens 2020
Non Permanent 2020
Indigenous Population 2016
0 %
3.2 million in poverty 2018

Stats according to Statscan and  the World Population Review  Live Chart

Canada has one of the fastest growth rates of any G7 nation, growing faster than many other industrialized countries.  Canada’s growth rate has been anywhere between 0.8% and 1.2% for the past ten years.

Learn how to eSign your legal Convention of Consent form!

Legal Political Solution

Canadians and Indigenous Nations have one last chance to save our freedom and country.

Make Your Move!

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Our Country, our responsibility!
Sign your Convention of Consent



Notre pays, notre responsabilité!             

Signez votre Convention Civil 

It's time to sue for our Sovereign rights

We the people are the true Sovereigns of the Crown of Canada!

Collective Self-Determination Rights Court Case against
the Government of Canada, Ontario and the UK. filled August 17, 2020



Our Freedom is everything!

Global Governance control over humanity

Global Governance

Mandatory Vaccinations

Forced Vaccination


OBJECTIVE In order to safely return to work and social interactions, up-to-date and authenticated health information is vital. COVI-PASS™ is a secure, patented and trusted solution that can successfully deliver on this objective.

Vaccine Passport

three steps to success in ensuring our children's future forerever

We must Unite and stand strong Every Step Of The Way...

This is the last chance we will have to protect our Country and Future…


Everyone needs to learn and to participate in our democracy and community needs

It starts at home… 


Learn how we can move from party elites to Informed citizens


Spreading the word and organizing

We are all richer and more powerful than you think!

we must stand together on all issues and conflicts

Our Canadian  and Indigenous Sovereign Rights and Freedom is all that matters in this Healthcare intellectual war against humanity…

We all Deserve so much more than our Governments give us

Together, that can change for our greatest good

The truth will set us Free

The truth behind Covid-19 videos

Those who are not afraid to take a stand

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